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Custom Hardwood Pizza Peel (Padauk, Maple & Dark Walnut)

Custom Hardwood Pizza Peel (Padauk, Maple & Dark Walnut)

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Custom Pizza Peels are one of those items that really makes your pizza nights more fun. This bespoke work of art was carefully crafted from three different hardwood species. The combination of the exotic Padauk paired alongside classic strips of Canadian maple really give this piece a unique look. Of course, the perfectly centered dark walnut acts as a stark contrast for the body of this peel combined with the functionality of the perfectly shaped handle. This pizza peel will last for generations and was designed with the pizza making workflow in mind.

Pizza nights start in the kitchen but often require a vessel to allow safe transportation to and from the hot oven. Regardless of your setup, this pizza peels design and functionality allows you the flexibility to prepare, cook and serve your hand made pizzas to your guests.

Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 36” x 15” x ½”
Product Weight: 1,588 g or 3.5 lbs. 

All our handmade pizza peels are machine sanded with grits ranging from (80 to 1,000) and finished with hand sanding using grits up 3,000. Making our pizza peels feel silky smooth.

After sanding, our pizza peels receive an overnight bath in pure mineral oil which really makes these products come to life. Mineral oil is 100% food grade safe and protects the wood against splashes of water it might encounter.

*Product dimensions & weight will vary slightly.


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